Relax in a truly intimate atmosphere, and enjoy perfect harmony and tranquillity. The wellness centre with the Finnish, steam and infra-red sauna is located on the ground floor, just behind the reception area. Refresh yourself in the cold rain zone, enjoy the tropical shower or relax by the fireplace on one of our comfortable loungers.

Wellness centrum v hoteli Panorama****.
Wellness centrum v hoteli Panorama****.

The Effects of a Sauna

Regular sauna therapy has a positive effect on our immune system; in particular, it protects us against respiratory tract infections. Having a beneficial effect on our skin, relieving nervous tension, improving blood flow and helping to detoxify our body all while provoking mental and physical relaxation.

The Ten Commandments:

  1. Use linen intended for the sauna (sauna sheet).
  2. Take a shower beforehand.
  3. Before entering the sauna dry off your body.
  4. Always bring a towel and place it beneath you for hygiene reasons.
  5. If you feel a burning sensation when breathing, cup your hands together and breathe into them. Ensure you breathe through your nose, not through your mouth.
  6. Leave the sauna when the recommended time is up or in the event that you feel a burning sensation. Increase the length of time spent in the sauna gradually.
  7. Let the sweat absorb into the towel, remove it gently from the skin to help open the pores.
  8. Walk slowly when leaving the sauna by.
  9. Cool off after each visit to the sauna. Cool off gradually, start by cooling the nape of the neck.
  10. Complete the sauna experience by resting in the relaxation room.


Improves blood flow to the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscles, helps to relax stiff and painful muscles and contributes to improved leaching of waste substances from the body. With regular classic massage, your skin improves its elasticity and you can prevent the pain from tension within the muscles – for example in the neck, the area between the shoulder blades and the sacral region. Additionally classic massage aids the recovery of muscles and joints following a prolonged period of inactivity, perhaps due to a fracture or other injury.

Reflexná masáž chodidiel spočíva v stimulácii reflexných bodov na nohách. Na chodidlách sa nachádzajú nervové zakončenia a ich cielené stláčanie vplýva na všetky orgány ľudského tela, chrbticu, svaly, kĺby, lymfu. Je to metóda preventívna i liečebná, nemá vedľajšie účinky.

Reflexology foot massage involves the stimulation of reflexology points on the feet. The sole of the foot is home to a number of nerve endings and applying pressure to them affects the organs within the human body, spine, muscles, joints, lymph. It is purely preventive and therapeutic, possessing no side effects.

The Dorn method can be considered a procedure for the treatment of underlying health problems. If the cause of the problem is remedied, the symptoms will dissipate. The treatment of misaligned spinal or joint positions is carried out in cooperation with the client. The vertebra or joint is gently brought back into alignment without any undesirable side effects, meaning it is a very safe method. Offering the client an opportunity to regain their bodies balance through natural means. Sufficient fluids to cleanse the body of toxins, waste products and urate salts (uric acid salts) should be taken throughout the treatment. It is recommended to drink spring water.

The massage complements the Dorn‘s gentle manual therapy, where the joints, vertebrae and energy points are safely and accurately aligned. The massage relaxes the tissues. The frequently displaced thoracic and lumbar vertebrae can be gently and painlessly brought back into alignment. In the case of sciatica (“Slashing” in the spine), a Breuss massage is often the only method a patient can bear. Using this therapy, the discs can be optimally regenerated and recharged with energy.

The Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage is specific thanks to the alternation of long rhythmic movements and strong pressure applied with the fingers, palms and forearms. It stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system, detoxifies and removes pain, fatigue and tension. It is more rhythmic and intense in nature than other massages.
This massage particularly suits clients with a good muscular base or stronger body. It is performed on a massage bed in combination with relaxing music and essential oils. It uses a very gentle and smooth technique involving not only the palms of the hands but also long strokes of the forearm. Long, gentle strokes are alternated smoothly and rhythmically with strong pressure, that lead to deep physical and mental relaxation. The Lomi-Lomi is particularly effective at relieving muscle spasm and pain.

A combination of touch therapy, targeted strong blood flow, the excellent effects of honey and body detoxification directly through the skin. The Honey massage method is aimed at the prevention so-called civilization diseases, such as cancer, allergies (except a honey allergy), rheumatic muscle and joint diseases, arthrosis, chronic respiratory problems and digestive problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep problems, regeneration following severe diseases, nerve disorders, female problems, fungal infections of the body, liver, kidney and pancreas diseases, potency and infertility disorders, plus many others. The massage revives and detoxifies the body; it is also suitable for headaches, for the prevention and treatment of early stages of cellulite and for skin problems.