Harmony of relaxation and taste: Sauna world and refreshing Lobby bar

5. March 2024

Enter the world of the perfect balance between relaxation and refreshment! When you step into our cozy Sauna world, the door to the realm of peace and well-being opens before you. Here you can give your body the rest it deserves.

After a relaxing sauna and a pleasant massage, when you feel reborn, it’s time for a new phase of your experience. Walk the path of flavors directly to our lobby bar, where you are offered a wide selection of refreshing drinks.

In this unique environment of connecting Wellness and the hospitality of the Lobby bar, you can create a perfect harmony of relaxation and flavors for your senses. While you breathe in the scent of essential oils and relax in the heated atmosphere, you can treat yourself to a refreshing drink that will give you new energy and vitality.

So how about this harmonious combination? Join us and experience a unique experience that is guaranteed to revitalize your body and soul. Your journey to total relaxation and refreshment begins right now!