Benefits of sauna

Regular saunas have a positive effect on our immune system, especially protecting us against airway infections. It also has a beneficial effect on our skin, relieves nervous tension, improves blood flow and helps detoxify our body. It brings psychic and physical relaxation.


10 Rules for proper use of sauna:

1. Use a towel for sauna.
2. Before entering take a shower.
3. After your shower, dry your skin.
4. Always sit on the towel from hygienic reasons.
5. If you feel burning while breathing, put your hands in the shape of a sling and breathe into them. Breathe with your nose, not with your mouth.
6. After recommended time, go out of the sauna.
7. Allow sweat to run on towel or gently sweep it.
8. Take a slow walk from the sauna
9. After using the sauna, gradually cool down
10. Finish relaxation in the relaxation room and relaxed position.