This massage promotes the hyperaemia of the skin, subcutis and muscles, helps ease stiff and sore muscles, and it also take part in increasing the release of body waste. Thanks to regularly taken classic massage, your skin may become more elastic, and it can prevent you from the pain caused by stiff muscles – e.g. in the nape, between the shoulder blades, and in the lower back. The classic massage helps during the convalescence of muscles and joints after a long immobilisation as a result of a fracture or another injury.


Reflexology foot massage is based on the stimulation of the reflexive points on the feet where nerve endings are located. If pressed purposefully, it impacts all the body organs, the spine, muscles, joints and the lymph. It is a preventive and healing method and it does not have any side effects.


For ages, this massage has been used by the Chinese doctors who claimed that the foot is “the second brain”. The stimulation of the individual points on the foot transfers a signal to a particular organ by which it can be positively influenced. The benefits of the relaxing massage normally appear in a couple of hours after the massage.


The Dorn Method can be viewed as a method which solves causes. If the cause is eradicated, the symptoms disappear too. During the procedure, wrong positions of the vertebrae or joints are moved to the correct positions with an active participation of the clients and without any undesirable side effects. It is a very safe method. The clients have a possibility to naturally acquire balance. It is important to drink enough liquids during the treatment so that the body gets rid of toxins, waste material and urate salts
(salts of the uric acid). Ideally, the clients should drink spring water.


MThis massage supplements the Dorn method of gentle manual therapy thanks to which joints, vertebrae and energy gateways are safely and accurately moved to the correct positions. Tissues are loosened during this massage. Core and loin vertebrae, that are often in wrong positions, are painlessly shifted to the right places. In case of ischias, i.e. back spasm, the Breuss massage is likely to be the only method that the patient can take. With the help of this therapy, discs can be optimally regenerated and rebooted with energy.


The Hawaiian massage LOMI-LOMI is specific in terms of changes of long rhythmic tractions with more intense pushes of fingers, palms and forearms. It stimulates the blood circulation and the lymphatic system, reduces and removes pain, tiredness and stress. It is more rhythmical and intensive than other massages. It is most appropriate for clients with good muscle base or stronger body shapes. It is done on the massage table with a relaxing music, as well as essential oils used by gentle and smooth techniques that are based on touches of the palms and long tractions of the forearm. Long, gentle tractions are fluently and rhythmically replaced with more intensive ones leading to a deep physical and mental relaxation. It has a positive impact on the release of muscle spasm and pain.


The connection of touch therapy, targeted hyperaemia, excellent effects of honey and detoxication of the organism directly through the skin. The method of the honey massage is suitable in case of “civilization diseases” which include oncological diseases, allergies (except the allergy to honey), rheumatic diseases of muscles and joints, arthrosis, chronical problems with airways and digestion, Chronic fatigue syndrome, nausea, regeneration after serious diseases, problems with the nervous system, female problems, fungal diseases in the organism, liver, kidney and pancreas diseases, problems with potency and infertility, and many others. The massage refreshes and detoxifies the organism, it is appropriate also in case of headaches, the prevention and treatment of primary stages of cellulite, and skin problems.


This treatment is a method based on applying round glass cups heated by air, the cooling of which creates underpressure. The main aim of cupping is to strengthen and activate self-healing features of the organism, regenerate it and increase its productivity. Before cupping, a short warm-up massage takes place, supplemented with herbal oils which excellently combine with etherical oils. Cupping helps with some types of backaches, neckaches, pains of joints and headaches. It is beneficial for kidneys, bladder, stomach, spleen, pancreas, liver and gall bladder, genitals, lymphatic and immune system and hyperaemia of lower and upper limbs.